Latin America’s talent pools potential for software development. 

As a result of globalization, more and more professionals have the chance to operate remotely in multilingual work teams with English as the primary language in various US-based corporations. While Mexico sends 130,000 engineers and technicians each year, Brazil yearly produces 227,000 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates. More than 1 million senior code developers are active users in Latin America. Even entry-level and mid-level developers keep graduating from Information System related careers, building a strong professional base for the nearshoring sector.

The benefits of hiring Latin American talent:
Allows the creation of flexible teams
Gives access to a highly specialized talent pool
Proactive staff ratio
Better communication gives you proper supervision
Allows the agile integration of new members
Reduce costs
Works within a similar legal framework

Offers providers with decades of experience
Improve the quality of your product
Reduce risk and improve return on investment

Since company success depends on streamlining internal processes and adopting cutting-edge technologies and procedures that enable prototypes to be tested and refined, there is an ongoing demand for new expertise in the field of information technology. The ability to innovate and collaborate internally to meet particular company demands will determine the destiny of every industry.

When building remote teams, PowDevs knows how to do it correctly. We exclusively work with the top talent in the LATAM technology market, especially when it comes to the specialized technological profiles that are currently hard to find.

Manuel Garcia

CEO - PowDevs

Our leaders have extensive expertise in providing excellent software experience for over a decade by developing trust with our clients with an honest and ethical team that always has your success at the forefront of our minds. Their motto: “Do it right the first time”.


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