Why hire a Latin American software developer?

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And it is that the American companies did not consider Latin America for the outsourcing of personnel. Why consider the region if other areas of the world had more and better technical professionals? Countries like India and parts of Eastern Europe have been leading the outsourcing of professionals for the software industry for several years.

The landscape has changed radically for 2020, the technology and innovation ecosystems in Latam are growing significantly, positioning local professionals as a highly competitive option for digital talent. Software developers in Latin America offer many benefits to companies looking to outsource their engineering teams. (Forbes, 2022).

  • The time zone. For companies in the US it is convenient to work with developers in Latam who are in similar time zones, which allows for better coordination, unlike countries in Asia and Europe.
  • They do not need a Visa: US companies do not need to grant a visa to the developers of LATAM if they work remotely from their countries of origin, and a smaller percentage of these developers are usually looking to relocate to the US.
  • Costs: Salaries may be higher than in countries like India, but they are lower than the values ​​that are handled in the US, which makes them equally competitive.
  • Cultural proximity: There is a smaller cultural gap with the US and an increasing number of professionals with a command of the English language.
  • Geographically Closer: Less distance means less time and money if the team is required to meet in person.
  • The quality of the developers in the region. This can be seen in the level of technological solutions created by local startups, and in the rise of professionals with programming and postgraduate studies in related areas, as well as their honest and friendly.

Furthermore, hiring professionals from a distance is now much easier. Thanks to modern web platforms, businesses can simply and affordably hire developers on a monthly basis for less than $50 per person. Hiring qualified IT workers is perhaps one of the major problems that businesses are currently experiencing.

Both in the US and other nations throughout the world, there is a severe lack of talent. Latin America has a fantastic chance in this situation.
To avoid hesitation, I urge you to suggest local digital talent if you ever find yourself in my shoes and are given the choice of employing digital talent from LATAM. You will immediately aid in the expansion and prosperity of the local economy.

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