Manuel Garcia

CEO - PowDevs

Our leaders have extensive expertise in providing excellent software experience for over a decade by developing trust with our clients with an honest and ethical team that always has your success at the forefront of our minds. Their motto: “Do it right the first time”.

Rico Rodriguez

CEO - PowDevs

“The best experience , working with a seamless dedicated team!, Very professional, always looking for different options. Knowledgable, they´re trying to find the solution for the company because they understand that each company is different so they find something that fits you specific goals.” 


Roger Terán

Sr. Marketing Strategist

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Giselle Montaño

Head of people

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Francisco Flores

Administrative Deparment

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Antonella Brunelli

Recruitment Deparment

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Marina Lopez

Recruitment Deparment

Isabella Buitrago

Recruitment Deparment

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Ximena Bonilla

Sales Deparment

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Hugo Seabra

Fullstack Developer

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Priscilla de Souza

QA Analyst

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Jesús Charale

Web Developer

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Raúl Calderón

Web Developer

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Junior Nakamura

Sr Java Developer