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We provide the right person at the right time, by building a LATAM nurtured pool, selecting best hardworking professionals in each special skill verifying experience in the field and certifications. Companies seeking to hire candidates directly can reap the benefits of our recruiting and applicant sourcing solutions (direct-hire). We can provide a staff augmentation service if you want us to serve as your official company and handle all administrative, legal, human resources, and financial matters.

This varies depending on specific skills required, but on average we introduce candidates within a 72 hours of starting.

We have more than 1 million of software IT professionals in 21 different countries across Latin America in our network.

Founders built PowDevs as a way for growing companies in the U.S. to scale faster in the market saving costs and trusting commited and talented LATAM professionals. We want to lead to a win-win situation where companies and developers get to succeed. We also have years of experience developing cutting-edge software products for our internal procedures. We not only know from first hand the main candidate needs and concerns, but also deeply comprehend the level of expertise that tech companies need to become top. Most of our clients keep trusting on us because of this, we guide them on adopting an IT staff according to their business structure.

We adjust pricing alternatives to your budget. We are focused on delivering the highest customizable prospects in the market, we do it right the first time saving you talent acquisition processes according to your particular competitive landscape.

The key difference is that the PowDevs recruitment service pertains to the search for high qualified and seasoned candidates for a job opening and urges them to apply for the job. Meanwhile, the PowDevs staff augmentation service involves us covering absolutely all hiring aspects (administrative, legal, payments, and any additional stage) to fully cope with expectations of Latin American prospects.

Instead than focusing on short-term or part-time employment, we place an emphasis on long-term company growth that attracts employees who are not only qualified but also honest and friendly. We search for true senior professionals rather than gigs.

Our team primarily offers nearshoring services for the western U.S. and Canada, but we can also offer nearshoring services across the entire United States, as well. In addition, we also offer limited in-house software development services for our clients. We offer robust software development services from top talent in Mexico and Latin America, covering a wide spectrum of software and IT needs.